Frequently asked questions

We have tried to cover most of the questions we get asked, but if you don’t see the answer to your query here, then please do get in touch.

Questions about dogs

How much do you charge for dogs?
There is no charge for dogs.

How many dogs can we bring?
We have no specific limit on the number of dogs you can bring, the is limit what is reasonable and practical for you. However we do insist that you are able to manage all your dogs closely.  For example being able to monitor and clear up all dog poo in the exercise fields. The 1 bed barns are fairly compact, but we have had a couple with six dogs staying in one of them, although it must have been cosy! The 2/3 bed barn is much larger so can cope with a number of dogs comfortably. There have been guests with 6 Irish setters in the 2/3 bed.

My dog has issues with other dogs, will that be a problem?
We do realise that some dogs don’t get on with others. You will have your own patio area which is exclusively yours. There are also larger communal exercise fields, where you may encounter other dogs. We would just ask that you advise other owners to be aware that your dog does not get on with others.

Do you provide baskets for dogs to sleep in?
Yes we do provide baskets, which will take all but the largest dogs.  We do recommend you bring something familiar to your dog to put in it, like their favourite blanket.

What about washing our dogs?
All the patios have hot and cold running water with a mixer spray to enable you to give your dogs a good wash outside.

Should my dog be vaccinated?
We leave it to the owner’s decision on vaccinations for their own dogs. But we do insist that all dogs must be free of parasites and fleas. Failure to do so will incur cleaning charges.
We do not permit dogs listed under the dangerous dogs act.

Do I have to have a dog to come and stay?
It is amazing how often we get asked this, and no you don’t have to have a dog to come and stay with us!  However we are specially catering for people with dogs, so there are likely to be a number around at any time.

Are there many dog-friendly activities in the area?
Yes, there are many dog-friendly activities in the area. We have produced our own map of them (see link on left of this page). We will give you a copy on your arrival, or you can download our dog-friendly map here

What type and height is the fencing enclosing the exercise fields?
The exercise fields are enclosed by stock fencing. This is about 5 feet high and we find is very effective for almost all dogs. If your dog is an escapologist then we do recommend you keep an eye on it.

What if I want to go out without my dog?
If you want to go out without your dog then we can recommend a local doggie day care and walking service (pay owner).  However they are very busy and we recommend booking them well in advance.

Other information

How easy is it to be safe and socially distance Bed and Basket®?
We believe it is easy to socially distance yourself and for all our guests to feel safe and yet still have a wonderful holiday.

Where do I find the prices?
Prices for each barn are shown above the calendars on the availability and booking pages for the 2/3 bed barn and the three 1 bed barns.

Do you provide towels?
Yes we provide towels for both people and dogs. Our dog towels are brown and we ask that they are kept separate from the people ones. We will also provide beach towels on request.

Do you take other pets?
We are happy for guests to bring other small pets in cages, but not other large pets.

I am quite tall. Do you have any beds without a footboard?
Yes. Tressa (1 bed barn) and Kensa (3 bed barn) each have a king sized bed with no footboard.

How big are the freezers?
We know lots of people like to bring their own food, for themselves or their dog. We have proper freezers in each barn. In the one bed barns they are part of a full upright fridge freezer and have 4 drawers each. In the 3 bed barn it is an under-the-counter freezer with 3 drawers.

What are the check in and out times?
The check in time is between 4 pm and 5pm. The barns are available from 4pm. If you are going to be late, you must tell us well in advance so we can arrange for someone to meet you – see late check in below. Please call Dawn’s mobile (0773 993 5746).
Check out time is 10 am on the day you leave.

What if we are going to be late?
Check in after 5 pm counts as late check in. Guests may check in up to 9 pm if we are informed in advance. We reserve the right to charge £10 per hour (or part thereof) as we will have to employ staff beyond their normal hours on overtime.
In consideration for other guests will do not allow check in after 9 pm except due to unforeseen circumstances (such as an accident on the way here). Guests must inform us as soon as they are able to of any such delays.

What are the arrangements for collecting the keys?
We live on the site and one of us will always be there on arrival day to greet you, give you your keys and give you a short tour of the barn you are staying in. Please let us know if you are going to be later than the check in time, otherwise we may not be around.
We are usually around at some point most days during your stay if you have any questions.

What happens if I arrive early in the day?
We can accept a luggage drop off from 10 am if arranged in advance.  Full check in is from 4 pm or we will text you if your barn is ready earlier.

Will local supermarkets make deliveries to our barn?
Yes. Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Iceland and Waitrose will all deliver to us. Tell them Bed and Basket, the postcode (PL26 7TH) and please include the barn name you are staying in on your delivery instructions.

How about wheel chair access?
The barns are not designed for wheelchair access. This is because they are in converted historic barns which the planning department insisted we kept to the original layouts as much as possible.
For people (or dogs) with limited mobility, do look at our sister site Hut and Hound which is flat access with just a few steps.

Are there children’s playgrounds nearby?
There are two playgrounds for children within easy reach. One is at the top of our lane in Lanjeth (about 0.7 mile), the other is in Sticker (about 1.5 miles away).

What if I want to come by public transport?
We have good local public transport and taxi services and St Austell has a major train station. See our public transport page for more details.

Do you have a leaflet or brochure?
Yes, you can down load our leaflet here.

What deposit do you require?
We ask for a non-refundable deposit of 30% to make a reservation. Payment can be by cheque or direct bank transfer.

When is the final payment date?
Balance of payment must be made at least 8 weeks prior to the holiday arrival date. Failure to make full payment of the balance at that time will result in the booking being cancelled and the deposit being forfeited.

Are hot tubs allowed?
We are not permitted to have hot tubs on site.  So we do not provide them, and guests are not allowed to bring their own.

Can we charge an electric vehicle on-site?
Due to the rural nature of our electricity supplies we cannot permit the charging of electric vehicles on site. There are a number of electric vehicle charging points in St Austell, just a few miles away. Here is a link to local vehicle charging points.